Not everything in life comes easy, and not everything comes for free. Luckily for you, this giveaway is both. To quote the fantastic poster I have on my door (the origins of which are unknown):  “It’s easy! I like it!” 

Since T-shirt cannons have a limited range, we are opting for the smiling faces of USPS and our swag-boxes. Get your Wi-Fi Trek promotional posters to folks who live in the continental USA*. Awesome right? To get yours, simply follow this link and fill out your contact information.

I’ve got to have one!

Outside of the US? 

Don’t worry, we’ve still got you and your favorite laser printer covered. Here are some printable versions.

Swagaholic? Let’s up the stakes: 

Ah yes. We too are swagaholics. You could win even more swag if you post the posters we send you it in a fun and creative way in your office (highly visible please) and post in on social media tagging @CWNP and #WiFiTrek
The winners will be announced at the conference and you will receive your swag-a-licious prize in-person on stage like the fantastic CWNP cheerleader that you truly are.

*while supplies last

Have any questions about group rates or other conference-related difficulties (maybe a great joke for our MC): please contact 

We are looking forward to seeing you this October. If you haven’t already, Register NOW!